Greg was born and raised in Washington state. His passion for working on classic cars started at the early age of 15 with a '55 Chevy given to him by his father. After completing school and spending 10 years at Honda Seattle as a master technician, Greg felt it was time to follow his dream and founded Retro Rods in 1999.

Retro Rods spent 20 years thriving as an award-winning shop in Washington, but after falling in love with Texas, Greg and his wife decided it was time for a major location change. As of 2020, Retro Rods is now operating out of beautiful Granbury, Texas. 

Sig fell in love with a 1949 Chevrolet Fleetline at the age of 17 and ultimately decided he wanted to build cars for a living. He enrolled in Lake Washington VoTech and started taking automotive body and paint courses.

While buying car parts from Greg, Sig discovered Retro Rods. Greg later recruited the goofy kid for a part-time position. In 2003, after graduating school, Greg hired Sig as a full-time employee.

17 years later, Greg and Sig are still building cars in Texas!



Greg Parsley

Sig Schott